China Enterprise

China Enterprise

In the PRC we offer bespoke solutions to businesses at all stages of sourcing from; selling to; and establishing, maintaining and growing physical operations in the world’s most dynamic market.

Robert Franz can assist with:

  • Establishing Foreign Invested Enterprises (Joint Venture, Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise, etc.)
  • Structuring PRC Enterprises to comply with industry specific regulatory requirements
  • Advising on ex-PRC parent structure
  • Establishing and maintaining Capital and Operations accounts with both local and international banks
  • Ongoing compliance support for tax, corporate, and regulatory matters

Our clients have used our services for:

  • Establishing, managing and restructuring Mobile Internet VAS FIE with national coverage in the PRC
  • Advising on and assisting in the establishment of a Personal Care Products manufacturing JV in Guangdong
  • Establishing and operating an IT and software development WFOE in Beijing
  • Establishing a raw materials trading WFOE in Shanghai
  • Establishing and providing hands on management to a leading European confectionary products JV in Shanghai
  • Advising leading Commercial Kitchen Equipment MNC importing into China


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