Our clients come from a variety of industries, including financial and professional services firms, fintech, media, clean energy, and non-profit at all stages of development including regional and international entrepreneurs, SMEs, publicly listed companies, private equity and venture capital firms, and partnerships including law firms.

 Company Set Up and Administration

➡ We offer a wide range of services including formation, structuring, management and administration services for both onshore and offshore companies including company secretarial and statutory document maintenance; company and tax compliance filings; registered and correspondence office address; restructuring; and dissolution. 

➡ Jurisdictions include Hong Kong, PRC, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, South Asia, the EMEA, BVI, Cayman Islands, Gibraltar, Mauritius, and many others.



We offer mid and back office services, including:

➡ Accounting, Audit and Tax – Work with client accountants, auditors and professional advisors to maximize value of tax, trade, and multi jurisdiction financial policies.

➡ Human Resources - Set up and administration of payroll, benefits (including mandatory retirement payments), and employee retention and dismissal strategies and procedures.

➡ Regulatory, Licensing and Compliance – Including professional license application, acquisition and maintenance; formulating and instituting internal compliance procedures; and ongoing regulatory compliance requirements

➡ Third party relationship management – Including negotiation, document drafting, execution and relationship management for investors, vendors, customers, contractors, and government authorities.